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Staff training finished yesterday and we are very pleased.  Three of the four counselors are married.  One of the counselors this year was the speaker at last year’s camp.  He is a native Brazilian, and pastors a nearby church.  Nine people attended the staff training and many were familiar with “The Tree” since it is being taught in many churches here.

We had a great day of services today. John Bott spoke in the morning service here at Mike Martin’s church and Dan spoke in the evening service.  John went to Gary Trometer’s church to speak this evening.

It has been neat to be able to see and talk to some of the friends we made while we were here last year.  The Lord has continued to work in lives.

We have really enjoyed spending time with the great fellowship of missionaries here in Porto Alegre: Mike & Hannah Martin, Tammy & Mike Ring, John & Patti Hutchinson and Gary & Yvonne Trometer.  They have been a blessing to us.

Camp begins tomorrow with Shawn Alexander as the main speaker.  We are expecting 36 campers with 6 of those coming on scholarships for the unsaved.

Report by Dan Brooks


Camp has been going very well.  One of the campers on scholarship made a profession of faith on our first full day of camp. Another made a profession Wednesday. Shawn Alexander and John Bott have been tag teaming on the preaching. The campers seem to be listening well. A pastor brought 9 teens for the day on Tuesday. He just wanted to let them experience a little of camp. One made a profession when approached by a counselor. All of these decisions have been made separate from the invitation after the preaching.

The staff are all first-year counselors except one. They are doing pretty well at reaching out to the campers. The teens are loving the competition.

We had to change the evening schedule a little because of the time change this past weekend. It has caused the sun to set around 6:30. John loves eating supper at 8:30.

We’ve enjoyed catching up with Shawn since he is a Wilds alumni from the early 80`s.

Amy is living with the girls. They love crowding around her bed to see all the pictures of the day. She is a trooper living in a room full of girls speaking in tongues.

Mike Martin is doing well and enjoying having the extra help translating. Shawn and one of the counselors have been a big help.

Funtime is tonight. John and I will reunite in some old skits we did together about 17 years ago. We will see how active we will be in No Touchee Wrestling after that many years.

Report by Dan Brooks


Rain came but it did not dampen the spirits of any. The Lord timed the rains perfectly to allow us to play all the games. The team competitions actually came down to the very last game.

John and Shawn’s energy stayed strong through the end. There were 4 professions of salvation and many other decisions. The guys and girls had separate testimony times before going to bed on Thursday night. Many tears were shed from both groups about being broken over their sin. Please pray as many are going to homes that give no spiritual support.

Report by Dan Brooks

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