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    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this questionnaire. This will help us know how we can best serve you in the future.

    1. Where is your field of service?

      How long have you been in your present location?

    2. How did you hear about CampsAbroad?

      What previous contact have you had with The Wilds in your ministry?

    3. Are you under a mission board? If Yes, Which one?


    4. Do you have a sending church?

      If so, please provide the information requested below.

      Church Name and Location:

      Church Email:

      Pastor's Name:

      Church Phone Number:

    5. Have you held camps for young people in the past in your area?

      If so, what is the history of those camps?

      Are other camps held in your area on a regular basis that you are not actively involved in assisting?

    6. Describe how you relate to other churches or organizations who believe and teach doctrine that you consider to be different from what the Bible teaches.

      What kind of teaching would cause you to avoid cooperating with a church or religious organization in a religious setting?

    7. Please describe the process of ministry training that is common for a pastor or youth worker in your country.

      How do you recommend that young people from your church go about receiving training for future ministry?

    8. How many churches do you anticipate joining this Christian camp by bringing staff or campers?

    9. What are the ideal dates for camp in your area?

      In your country, when are the schools out for holiday?

    10. Are you able to recruit qualified counselors to be involved in your camp?

      How many male counselors?

      How many female counselors?

      How many campers do you estimate would be interested in attending camp in your location?

    11. When would you be able to hold several days of training for your camp staff?

      Where would you most likely hold your training?

      Would all of your counselors be able to attend this training as well as the camp?

    12. Do you have someone in mind to train to direct the camp?

    13. Do you have a qualified interpreter who would be available to assist during the training and camp (if applicable)?

    14. Approximately how many young people would you expect to attend camp?

      What age limitations would you set for the camp?

    15. Would you be open to including unsaved young people in the camp?

      If so, what percentage of lost young people would you like to see make up the camp?

    16. Do all of the young people attending camp have access to a Bible?

      What percentage of the potential campers are able to read?

    17. What do you believe to be the main spiritual needs of young people in your country?

      Do you have someone who can lead music during the camps?


    18. Please describe any cultural issues in dress that we need to be aware of.

    19. How much would it cost for one camper to attend a week of camp?

      How much would you charge each camper to attend the camp?

    20. Would you plan on hiring a cook for the camp?

    21. Are you planning to rent property for the camp?

      Please briefly describe the property location you have in mind.

      What is the size of the open space for games?

      What kind of buildings does the property have?

      How many people can the property accommodate?

      Does the property have access to water that is safe for activities?

    22. What is the weather normally like during the times for your proposed camp?

      Are there times when outdoor activity should be avoided?

    23. Please list the organized sports that young people in your area typically enjoy playing (such as football [soccer], basketball, volleyball, baseball, cricket, rugby, wrestling, or others).

    24. Please list the names and phone numbers of two references who are familiar with your character and work:

      Reference 1:

      Reference 2:

      Reference 1 Phone:

      Reference 2 Phone:

      Reference 1 Email:

      Reference 2 Email:

    25. For our reference, please upload your ministry's doctrinal statement.

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