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Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this questionnaire. This will help us know how we can best serve you in the future.

  1. What is your field of service?

    How long have you been in your present location?

  2. What previous contact have you had with The Wilds in your ministry?

    How did you hear about CampsAbroad?

  3. Are you under a mission board? If Yes, Which one?
  4. What is your sending church?

    Pastor's Name:
    Pastor's Email:
    Pastor's Phone Number:
  5. On your field of service, what needs do you have that you could see a Christian camp helping to meet?

  6. How would you best describe the churches with which you feel comfortable associating (denominationally and doctrinally)?

    What is your view of ecumenical evangelism?

  7. Where did you receive your training for the ministry?

    What colleges do you recommend?

  8. How many churches in your area are or would be supportive of a Christian camp?

  9. Are there any other camps in your area?

    If so, what groups are responsible for their operation?

  10. What approximate dates do you already conduct or would like to conduct a camp?

    In your country, when are the schools on vacation?

  11. Have you chosen your counselors?
    How many male counselors?
    How many female counselors?
  12. When would you be able to hold a week or several days of training for the camp staff?

    Where would you hold it?
    Would all of your counselors be able to attend this week?
  13. Do you know of a person (preferably a national) who has a burden for young people and would be capable and willing to learn how to direct a camp?

  14. Do you have a trustworthy male interpreter who would be able to attend the weeks of training and camp (if applicable)?

  15. About how many young people would you expect to attend camp?
    What is their age breakdown?

  16. Approximately what percentage of the young people attending the camps would be unsaved?

    How many of the young people attending camp will have a Bible?

  17. What do you believe to be the main spiritual needs of young people in your country?

  18. Do you have someone who can lead music during the camps?

  19. How would you describe your music? (example: conservative, contemporary, traditional, etc.)

    Please list and describe the music standards for your ministry:

  20. Please list and describe the dress standards for your ministry.

    Are there any cultural issues in dress standards that we need to be aware of?

  21. How much would it cost for one camper to attend a week of camp?

  22. Who will be doing the cooking for the campers?
    What times of day do the campers normally eat meals?
  23. Are you renting property for the camp or do you already own it?

    Please briefly describe it.

    What is the size of the open space for games?
    What kind of buildings does it have?
    How many campers does it accommodate?
    Does it have water for water activities?
  24. What is the weather normally like during the times for your scheduled camp?

    Will the temperature affect outdoor activity times?

  25. Please list the organized sports that your young people enjoy playing (football [soccer], basketball, volleyball, baseball, cricket, rugby, or others).

  26. Please list the names and phone numbers of two references who are familiar with your character and work:
    Reference 1:
    Reference 2:
    Reference 1 Phone:
    Reference 2 Phone:
  27. For our reference, please upload your ministry's doctrinal statement.

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