Think Big about Missions

CampsAbroad is unique. This ministry gives a little window into what missions can look like. Missions doesn’t always look the same.

Some of the kids we serve are coming from Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim homes. Their parents won’t let them go to church, but they’ll let them come to camp.

When we look at something like Revelation chapter 5 and see people from every tribe and tongue and nation gathering to the throne of God, CampsAbroad gets to play a small part in that.

Following God’s Will as a Teen: Just Take the Next Step

For Tim and Rachel, ministry with CampsAbroad wasn’t something they had all planned out. Rachel shares her experience as a teenager and young adult, “It wasn’t something that we sought out. It was God’s idea for us. It wasn’t one big moment of—Wow, we should work at camp internationally! It was a gradual here’s the next thing to do, here’s the next thing to do. Looking back I can see how God prepared us for every step.

“When I was a teenager I thought missions was some far of place some different food, some different cultures. And missions can be. Missions starts in your local community.”

American teens should care a lot about what is going on around them because we tend to individualize our lives. It’s about me. It’s about what my life is about. And we forget about God’s kingdom.

When God gives you a set of circumstances in your life, try to not wish them away but be content with where God has you right now so he can better use you.

Shawn grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil, and he encourages teens to live with a determined focus. “Plan who you want to be five years from now. Start working on it today. If you want to be a part of God’s kingdom work, you don’t just happen upon it. You’re practicing it today. It’s part of who you are, it’s part of your mindset, your heartbeat.”

Living for Eternity as a Teen: See the Opportunities around You

Eternity is not just something we can live for in the future. We can live for eternity right now. And even if we’re not going as a missionary, God gives us opportunities to serve him. God leads us. As we take those opportunities to serve him, we’re moving in that path of following God’s will.

Typically we have saved our desire to reach the lost until our later years. Our teenage years are reserved for us, what we can gain for our own fun, our own pleasure. But what a joy it is even now to be of the mindset that I get to be part of Christ’s commission to reach the lost.

Missions is not just something that’s for later, “Maybe someday I’ll do that.” Missions is something that I get to do right now wherever I am.

Missions work is your next-door neighbor, your friends. It’s not reserved for someone who is hopping on a plane or going across the sea. Missions is for today, for your trip to the grocery store, for your trip to Starbucks.

God’s mission field is everywhere.