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On this return trip to Ghana, the team was able to spend more time than usual on counselor training.
The counselors graciously listened to the staff training materials delivered in English, which is their
second language. This enabled the team to cover even more ground than usual. Bringing their
experience, the returning counselors were a great asset to the training time. The team knew from the
start, however, that there would be challenges with counselor ratios. Out of the fifteen counselors, only
three of them were girls! No matter the challenges, they were determined to make this camp week

The camp had prepared for 90 campers, yet 181 campers arrived! With campers as young as five coming
to enjoy a camp experience, this camp had significant challenges. The staff embraced the challenges
with enthusiasm and engaged the campers well. Within the first three days of camp, 26 campers made
professions of faith.

The local host, Matthew Yennaah, is the pastor of Zambogu Baptist Church and a professor at the local
Baptist college. He may come across as quiet and mild mannered when you first meet him, but enters
into biblical teaching with great enthusiasm. The entire leadership team continues to express great
excitement about camp. They see the value of investing in their young people in the Upper West Region
of Ghana in the coming years.

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