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Camp History

Several years ago, a group of national pastors became burdened for the needs of their young people and, on their own, without any experience, decided to start a camp for them. They have held camp consistently since that time.

Missionary Profile

Miss Nancy Ball and Miss Amy Ridall are both in their 60s and have ministered in Ghana for many years. When they first arrived in Wa, they settled in to learn the language, living with the villagers for a time. They discovered that very few people could read and began to develop a literacy program to teach the people to read the only book in their language at the time – the Waalii New Testament. With help, they soon began a revision of the New Testament and then took on the project of the Old Testament. Over time, many young people received Christ. Eventually, these young people became pastors and Christian leaders, establishing a number of strong churches. The Lord has raised up a generation of strong national leadership for the churches as well as the camp.

CampsAbroad Involvement

We were invited by the camp board to hold a special staff training for all those involved in camp (as well as a number of church leaders). In 2003, a CampsAbroad team traveled to Wa to hold training and then to assist with two camp weeks.

Camp Reports / Testimonies

During staff training we dumped a whole heap of information on those who attended (about 65 leaders from various churches) and they handled it very well. We were especially excited that the pastors showed a great grasp of the counseling material and trust that it will be a help to their people in the future. Several counselors were saved that week.

One night during the evening service, we were invaded by thousands upon thousands of flying termites. They were so thick and flying down our shirts, crawling on our faces, in our hair–like it must have been in Egypt during the plagues. We moved our benches out from the shelter and sat in the dark during the preaching. The Lord worked in spite of the distractions. We found termite wings and things all over our bodies when we got ready for bed that night. The locals told us they make a great snack.

Junior camp was a sweet time: lots of excited kids and many salvation decisions. I will never forget those 30 young voices repeating the sinner’s prayer out loud (to our great surprise) during the final evening service.

Our main goal of teen week was to give ideas to the pastors by demonstrating how we would run a camp in Africa and then to invest time discussing the biblical reasons behind what we did. The men were very open to new ideas and will be implementing a number of suggestions in the future. Along the way, we saw the hammer of God’s Word gradually breaking hard, teenage hearts. May God receive glory for the young lives that He rescued in those four days of camp. The spiritual theme for the week was the principles of change found in Ephesians 4:22-24. Over and over again, the testimonies of the campers echoed, “Now I can go home and overcome this sin with the help of the Lord.”

Many of the young people save and sacrifice all year to pay the 10,000 cedis (about $1.50) fee. A number of them walk to camp carrying their luggage for three hours in the blazing African sun.

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