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Tim and Rachel Endean have an exciting trip planned to Kenya. Tim is even making a small trip to Rwanda while he is there!

For this trip, Tim will be training with two different camp groups. He will be working with Brother Thomas Alute in Kitale and Brother Bernard Mwangi in Nyeri. He will also be meeting with Brother Benjamin in Kigali, Rwanda, and Brother James Mungo in Nairobi, Kenya, about possible future camps!

Last year, Tim and Rachel met Brother Thomas over lunch to discuss a future camp and the CampsAbroad ministry philosophy. He has articulated that he would like to see the church place a higher value on youth ministry. He sees camp and training as an opportunity to strengthen churches in the Eldoret/Kitale area.

In 2021, CampsAbroad was planning to run a camp with Brother Bernard, but Covid prevented large gatherings. We were able to meet with Bernard and the youth leadership teams from the area churches to do a couple of days of training, but, sadly, no camp. In the Kieni West/Nyeri area, the needs of teens are often overlooked. They want to train their young adults in basic counseling and discipleship principles to give a greater depth of knowledge and skill in handling God’s Word. By extension, they hope that these young adults can help strengthen the Kenyan churches in the coming years.

A fun fact about these upcoming camps—both of these camps will be held at an elevation of over 6,000 feet. One of these camps will be held within sight of the second tallest peak in Africa!

The two new groups we are meeting with have inquired about camp in the past. Both were referred to us—one through Bernard and one though an American missionary. Both have been very excited and seem like great contacts for future ministry. We are looking forward to knowing them better and watching the Lord guide in new ministry opportunities.

Prayer Requests

  • Smooth travel, as always. We have several different groups and 19 different flights involved with this trip.
  • Health and energy. This is a long trip. Covid is always a possibility when we are traveling. And Rachel’s pregnancy is progressing. (Yes – this trip is in consultation with her doctor)
  • Clear communication between us and the people we are working with
  • Hearts to know and respond to God’s Word
  • That young people would be saved, others would see spiritual growth, and young adults would be motivated to pursue ongoing discipleship relationships within their churches.
  • That teens and young adults would be pointed afresh to the glories of Christ.
  • That the young adults would continue to use the knowledge they gain through the training.

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