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Travel from South Africa to Malawi was smooth yet exciting. Flights were smooth and allowed for opportunities to give out the Gospel. Dale had a great talk with a young man named Richard. He was very receptive and appreciated the books he was given.

We spent the night at a mission compound in Lilongwe, the capitol of Malawi. There we met up with a team of seven young adults who are good friends with our host, David Robinson. They have come to help with this first camp. A translator had been selected for each of them as they counsel. Since Brother Dave had some nationals who can translate but are not quite ready to counsel we hope it is a good fit! The translators are sitting in on the training as well as a few nationals who will counsel.

David said he had 50 registered for training but we could have as many as one hundred. Sixty was the final number. Many are pastors that had been invited to take a three-day seminar on counseling. We had some travel an eighteen-hour bus ride to attend. Day one went great! They were a fun, responsive crowd and oh, how they can sing! We covet your prayers for the final two days of training.

It is great hearing Pastor Dale in his deep Tennessee accent try a few words in the native tongue. He is doing better than me!

Report by Dan Brooks

Monday was an awesome display of the hand of God in answered prayer! We began the morning at 8 o’clock with one camper. After a time of small group prayer, believing that God would bring in the campers somehow, someway, we ended up the day with nearly 70 campers! The camp schedule was rearranged several times to adjust for the pick-up loads of kids that would come. Camp finally began around 10 o’clock. What a special blessing it was to watch these precious lives gather around the Word of God during their God and I Time. Then after lunch, how cool to watch them play Big Ball with such enthusiasm and excitement. The highlight of the day was watching 10 or more precious souls come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior at the conclusion of our afternoon service. The day ended with a rousing game of The Gauntlet. 

“Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, let God be magnified.” (Psalms 70:4). This passage aptly describes the training and camp that finished Wednesday in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Rejoice with us . . .

  • In the salvation of souls. Wednesday morning, many responded to the invitation. How special it was to see the nationals counseling these precious teens! One dear lady gathered up several bricks and laid them flat in the dirt to illustrate that Jesus Christ is the only foundation for salvation.
  • In the Holy Spirit’s power to teach and change. This was a totally new concept of camp philosophy to grasp. Time will tell in the months to come, of course, but in the debriefing meeting on Thursday morning, there was a consensus among the camp staff that the course has been set.
  • In the grace of God to give patient endurance and the right number of teens. To see how camp started with one camper and ended with nearly 90 on the last day with all the “hiccups” in between was a work of God to behold. For instance, wisdom was given when changes were needed to be made to the schedule. New kids came on Tuesday and Wednesday which provided us the opportunity to serve around 140 precious souls. Many of these kids came “off the streets” and were unsaved. One of the leaders at the mission compound brought in fifteen teens in his pick-up truck!

There is so much to say about these past days! We have left Malawi with full hearts of praise and thanksgiving. Indeed, let God be magnified!

Report by Dale Cunningham

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