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My time in Cape Town has allowed me to be with the McRoberts. They are the camp directors of Paardeberg Mountain Retreat. They have been gracious hosts. I have had the privilege to hear their precious testimony of how the Lord saved them later in life. They were both very successful in the same profession. The Lord burdened them for serving in the ministry. As they studied the Bible for themselves, they saw the Dutch Reformed Church was not teaching the truth. They found Mark Blackwell and Malcolm immediately started seminary. The McRoberts’ burden has been for the youth, and when the camp position opened they jumped at the opportunity.

Malcolm and I have done a lot of talking while driving. Those times have allowed me to see the beautiful land of Cape Town, South Africa.  This trip is different for me since I am assessing how CampsAbroad can best move forward here and in Malawi. Therefore I have done very little training but observed theirs and their first day of junior camp. I am very excited from what I see!

Report by Dan Brooks

As I walked off the plane in Malawi, I thought “this is Africa!” Eric Chapman greeted me at the airport with a few guys that joined us as we traveled to a remote area of lower Malawi. It was easy to see why Malawi is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world. Most buildings are made from homemade bricks and tin or thatched roofs. Yet the world’s most recognized insignia is frequently seen: Coca Cola.

Matt Collier had helped Eric in Moldova in the early years of CampsAbroad. About a year ago, he had shared with Matt his desire to do camping in Malawi. Eric let us know in January that the people were not ready for a camp yet and he is pursuing 4 hour day camps in the villages. The decision was made that I should go and assist and evaluate. I had the privilege of going to two of these “Day Camps” the last two days. His evaluation is right. Even after days of training the teams we saw were not able to get away from the idea of doing a church service outside. Eric said the lack of education has really hindered the trainings. The people are not used to being trained and following instructions. It is not rebellion but really a lack of training.

Eric is excited about the future as he thinks of ways to better train in years to come. The Chapmans are full of love for the people of Malawi and they are willing to think outside the box to take the gospel to this needy people.

Report by Dan Brooks

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