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Camp began at a small school property tucked into a village at the base of Mount Karisimbi. The hills were covered with plantain and banana plants. This beautiful setting was a more rural yet more sustainable camp property for this group.

One of the counselors, who was new this year, spent part of his childhood as a street kid. As a result, he saw the inside of every jail in Kigali at a young age. Some believers took him in and worked patiently with him. Now he is a teacher at a Christian school, teaching Kinyarwanda and mentoring young people to help them avoid situations like his. Camp was a perfect fit for his heart to show the love of Christ to these youth. And really, his situation is not unique here. Most of the counselors had similarly difficult childhoods, and many of the teens had experienced similar situations.

Most of the teens had never been to camp before. Campers enjoyed the camp competition. The soccer field was interrupted from one sideline all the way to the center field by a sprawling mound of volcanic rock. Inconvenient, maybe – but not a problem. They spent lots of their breaks memorizing verses together for the team competition, and they did very well. And most importantly, they were presented with the Gospel several times throughout the week.

The leaders are excited about this camp initiative and want to scale it over the next couple of years to train a core group that can help run multiple camps in several areas of the country. Pray that this group can grow and continue to bring the Gospel to the teens in Rwanda.

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