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This camp was an out-of-the-ordinary camp for CampsAbroad. In Durban, South Africa, the Zulu culture is so intensely pagan that by the time the children reach the teen years, many of them are no longer interested in the Gospel – dismissing it as “foreign religion.” The missionaries believe that the best opportunity is to plant the Gospel seed in the younger children to see it bear fruit as they grow older. Because of these reasons, this was a day camp for younger children.

This camp was focused on the local region. In this area alone, well over 100 camp-age children live within walking distance. Camp began at 10am, knowing some would be required by their parents to finish up household chores before leaving for camp. Children trickled in through the morning, and throughout the week. By the end of the week, 130 campers were joining for the day camp.

Throughout the week, each of the workers used their individual talents for the betterment of the camp. Some were leaders, some directed games, and others cooked, but all worked together to create a successful camp. One worker even wrote a short Gospel song based on some basic witness symbols and included motions so the children would remember the song. It was a hit with the kids!

South Africa is opening up with future ministry possibilities. It seems like field with many likeminded partners. Please pray that the Gospel would flourish in South Africa. Please pray in particular for the campers – few of whom are professing believers – that the Lord would open their eyes and that many would come to know Him and make His name known in this part of the world.

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