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Dan and Tim are in to Livingstone, Zambia. There a Filipino missionary (Mario) and his family have been serving faithfully for 20 years in many remote villages. On a typical Monday, he starts driving out into the bush, and goes as far as he can make it. They pitch a tent for the night and continue farther on Tuesday, stopping at villages along the way to minister to the people there and support and encourage the pastors. He continues like this all week, returning home on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, depending on how deep into the bush he goes.

This is going to be a rustic camp, based out of a church 2 hours into the bush. There is a church building, and they will have tents and build temporary structures to provide housing for the campers. 

Half of Zambia’s population is under 17. Mario has wanted to use camp to better reach the teens in those communities. This first time, the camp will not be held so remotely, but the future is wide open. Matt and Tim were able to meet with this group last year, working within the limits of a covid world to hold training for about 50 pastors and young adults. These pastors of village churches are not just pastors, they are also subsistence farmers. They have not had the opportunity for much formal Bible training, or even much formal education, but they are faithfully serving their communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to have laid a foundation in training last year, in preparation for training and camp this year. 

Please pray that the local pastors and the counselors would catch a vision for what camp could be. 

Please pray that we would be able to foresee challenges and navigate them appropriately. 

Please pray that God would work in the hearts of the youth–that many would come to know him, and that the believers would be strengthened in their relationship with him. 

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