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One of the things that was really exciting for me is that 20 of the 60 scholarship campers that we had received Christ as their Savior. Many of you were praying and many of you gave the $5 per scholarship so that the 60 could come. It is a joy to see the international team work being put into action in order to get the seed planted and watered. God has given us the added blessing of seeing the increase come in. One teen named Wellington had been coming to the church property for a long time but was into drugs, rap, and drink. We gave him a scholarship and prayed that he would come. Of all the teens he seemed to have the hardest heart but he was a strong leader among his friends. On Tuesday night, we had a Salvation emphasis and only three people came forward to accept Christ. Looking in from the outside, one might be tempted to say that it was not very many but Wellington was one of them.  That was worth all the work done the whole year.  I looked into his face after he finished with his counselor and saw a peace and joy in his eyes that I had never seen before. He had been fighting God for a long time and now I could see the joy he had from finally yielding to Christ. I talked to three other counselors later that week and they were all in agreement that something was very different with him and it can be put into one name: Jesus Christ. That is one example of a life that was changed this week and all together there were over 50 public decisions made because of the Word of God getting into hearts. I want to personally thank those of you who prayed for this week and let you know that your prayers made a difference and were answered. Thank Him.

Report by Nathan Washer, missionary to Zambia.

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