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To people living in a country that is deeply religious, the free gift of salvation without the necessity of religious works is hard to comprehend. Ministry in Georgia must be methodical, taking plenty of time to study what the Bible teaches. Micah and Alisha Tuttle have been doing just that for the past 10 years. Some of the young adults that they have led to the Lord and disciples are now serving as counselors for teen camp! Six of the eight counselors were returning for the second time after last year’s first-time camp. These counselors have embraced the Tuttle’s approach to camp and are excited to continue serving the Lord through camp ministry.

The 34 campers arrived ready to jump into the activities. Their counselors kept them busy with big ball and freetime games. The teens were introduced to American football for the first time. They enjoyed spending time learning to throw a ball they had never touched before. They also enjoyed a 4-wheel drive ride to a beautiful view of the Georgian mountains from almost 7,000 feet.

Micah’s dad, Bruce, was the primary speaker for this camp. After teaching ministry classes in Ukraine for many years, he is more than qualified to teach teens who are religious but have yet to trust Christ as Savior. During the evening service, 6 moved to repent of their sins. Because of the religious works-based culture, the counselors took plenty of time to make sure the campers realized their repentance was not part of their former religion, but a new way of living in the forgiveness of Christ.

Some of the campers left camp without trusting Christ, but not before pulling a staff member aside to ask fantastic questions. Each of these campers was connected with a strong Bible-believing church. It is the prayer that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of those who are listening and learning to the simple truth of God’s grace. Much of Gospel ministry is slow and steady work, and the ministry in Georgia is no different. Please pray for the Tuttle family as they continue to minister faithfully and share the Gospel.

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