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It was the year 2080 according to the traditional calendar used in Nepal. The airports in Kathmandu were especially busy due to a major Hindu festival. Travelers were greeted by an airport sign reading, “May the goddess Durga bless you.”

There in the foothills of the Himalayas Buddhist prayer flags strung from nearby houses. But there, also, is a church—newly built, where a large group of young people gathered for camp. Because most of the country (Buddhists and Hindus alike) celebrate the Dashain festival, the Nepali churches have found this week to be a wonderful time to gather for fellowship. Since the youth were out of school for the holiday, the teens were available for a week of camp.

Christians in Nepal are a small, often-persecuted minority. Despite the threats, Christianity is growing quickly in the most unlikely places. One of the translators (a Nepali pastor), shared that he and his family were some of the first converts to Christianity in their village. When he gave the gospel to his friends and neighbors, he was told, “We will kill you and bury your head in one spot and your body in another spot.” But with a smile in his voice he told us that God has faithfully kept him and his family safe. He never stopped giving the gospel, and now a church he planted has its building over the spot where they threatened to bury him. These people cannot imagine trading Jesus for community acceptance. They have counted the cost of following Jesus and it is worth it. God is working to grow His church everywhere!

Campers and counselors alike shared how God had changed their lives through the week of camp. Please continue in prayer for this group of believers in Nepal.

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