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A Ministry of Independent Gospel Missions

CampsAbroad Involvement

In June 2008, the CampsAbroad team of Ken Hay and Dan Brooks traveled to work with a national pastor in extreme northern India.

Camp Reports / Testimonies

Staff training finished much stronger than it started. I think the counselors are beginning to catch the principles. We had a great start to the camp. We ended up with a very manageable number: 39. (They had thought there might be 100 which would have made it very cramped for the facilities.) Many are unsaved. During check-in the first profession of faith was made! One of our counselors led him to the Lord while playing Connect Four. Praise the Lord!!

Big Ball was a hit in the rain … and with a cow on the field! As the campers walked to the field, it began to pour. They loved it, and it was a great unifier from the start. We had a monsoon rain storm during one of the evening services, and both the interpreter and I had to practically yell the message.

– Report from Dan Brooks.

Even though the facility was less than ideal, the young people who came to camp had a great time and were impacted spiritually. An estimated 11 young people trusted Christ as Savior that week. The real adventure began when the CA team tried to leave the country as political unrest led to riots and road blocks. But the Lord literally opened up a way for them to make it back safely and on time.

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