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Joseph Biswas and his group of traveling counselors left Bangladesh and traveled to West Bengal, India,
to assist CampsAbroad and a new camp group in India. Joseph had come a month earlier to jumpstart
training with the local counselors in India, so the CampsAbroad team picked up where he left up when
they arrived.

The campers were enthusiastic in nearly every aspect of camp. The games were highly competitive, and
it seemed like the “peak” of nearly every game time just kept eluding them as the energy continued to
grow. The singing was loud, vibrant, and uninhibited. The meals were met with anticipation. And the
team often had mobs of teens around them wanting to practice their English. Hosting camp for the 140
campers in this new area meant that everything was new, and, from all accounts, the campers
thoroughly enjoyed their time.

It is always an honor to share the truth of Gods love, but the over 40 professions of faith in Christ were
an overwhelming joy to be a party of. Many other teens where were already believers shared the
encouragement they received through the Word at camp.

Pray for the ongoing discipleship opportunities that these pastors have. They will need grace in those
endeavors. Also, please pray for the campers who came to Christ from a Hindu or Muslim background.
They are burdened for their families and many asked for wisdom to know how to approach their families
about their faith in Christ.

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