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On Friday, I flew in to Hong Kong after a profitable time in the Philippines and Dan came in later that night from the U.S. We have really enjoyed our time with a great group of missionaries / teachers from the U.S. – they have quite an assembly here – all seeking to minister the gospel to the people of Hong Kong and mainland China. We held some training on Saturday evening, some more on Sunday afternoon and then pretty much all day Monday. Sadly, some of the counselors from mainland China had to head back early, leaving us shorthanded, but the ones who were able to stay really seemed to absorb a lot of the counseling material.

As far as we can tell, we have about half coming from China and half from Hong Kong churches. It won’t be a large group, but we are praying for big impact. Keep in mind that this is a new kind of camp experience for the churches and they are wondering what it will be like. The campsite itself is very nice – they have more free-time activities than any campsite I’ve seen overseas. The downside is that we are sharing it with other groups. Pray for wisdom to keep our teens separate and that the other people won’t be a hindrance to the spiritual impact of camp.

You might have heard that the camp we had planned in China was cancelled because of government issues. Lord willing, Steve L. and Dan will continue with their travel plans, turning it into a survey trip for future opportunities. Pray for wisdom and direction.

Report by Matt Collier

We are finishing up camp here in Hong Kong and I wanted to give you a “hot off the press” report on how it has turned out. Our group was smaller than we planned – we ended up with around 50 young people, but honestly, I don’t know if we would have been able to handle many more since we lost several counselors at the last minute. It really isn’t surprising, though, because we usually end up having to show the churches what camp looks like as we define it and prove to them that it is effective. We would have loved to see more churches involved, but are hopeful that word will spread now that people have experienced it for themselves. Let me switch to bullet points to give you some highlights.

  •  About half of the campers and counselors were from mainland China – a number that will only increase as word spreads among the house churches.
  • It rained all week. Every day. Lots of rain. (It is still raining as I type this!)
  • The campers had a blast – even in a waterlogged state. Apparently the only camps that they have experienced have been preaching conferences with very little free time. They even loved Big Ball Volleyball in the rain.
  • With all the great program help, Dan and I had a relatively light week!
  • The kids listened very well in all the sessions.
  • The counselors did a great job with all the details and connected well with the campers.
  • We never saw a widespread response, but we know of at least 6 young people who responded for salvation throughout the week. We believe there are others as well who talked to their counselors at other times.
  • We are hoping to see many more churches participate in camp next summer as word spreads and steps are taken to promote it.

Well, that about summarizes it. We are praying that God would allow this small effort in camping to broaden and swell in the years to come – especially in mainland China. At least for the time being, campers and counselors can move freely to and from Hong Kong. And in Hong Kong, we have freedom to preach the Bible openly – an amazing window of opportunity! Thanks for all your prayers this week. I’m heading home soon while Dan travels on to China to do some survey work for the next several days.

Report by Matt Collier

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