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Before I arrived, much of the preparation and labor for camp had already been accomplished by a team
of people from Grace Baptist Church in Hong Kong. This group was led by Wade Peltier and Pastor Cedric Wong. Cedric had just returned from a visit to The Wilds where he was able to see the camp philosophy in action. This is the third summer that Wade has helped in the HK camp. Each year it has grown in influence and numbers.

I arrived in time to help complete the training of the staff.  We were able to train 9 counselors and some additional guests as well.  Sunday evening and all day Monday were spent in counseling and program
training.  On Tuesday, we traveled to camp and started in the afternoon. We had around 50 campers from 6 different groups.  One group came down from mainland China and the others were from Hong
Kong.  The camp program was organized and operated well, thanks to the hard work of Wade and Jeff
Carlson.  Both of them are former Wilds staff members.

As I preached during the week, I could sense the Lord motivating and inspiring many of the campers. The public response was minimal; however, it was clear that the teens were responding. The counselors did an exceptional job. They were diligent and passionate in their ministry of discipleship. It was a true blessing to work alongside these servants. One of the unique blessings of the camp was the ability to expose a few more pastors to the CampsAbroad mission and philosophy. One of those pastors was involved most of the week and another one visited one evening. I was able to personally invest in discussing philosophy of camping with these men. At the end of camp we were able to have a de-briefing meeting with the leadership and pastors. They are excited about running the camp next year and already have a tentative date set. Those involved this year have seen the effectiveness of the philosophy and are committed to continuing that into the future. I reminded them that CampsAbroad’s goal is to prepare and train and then get out of the way and let them run with it!

Most of the campers this year were already professing believers, however the gospel was clear and I’m sure we may never know the way it runs its course in lives. I thank God that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation! Proclaim it faithfully, trust it fully and let God do the work. This is God’s mission and I am happy to be a very small part of His eternal plan!

Report by Mark Herbster

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