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This is Friday noon in Georgenthal, a beautiful area of Germany.  I have been spending most of the days and evenings with Kevin Matthia discussing, guess what, the philosophy, people, program, and property.  These have been profitable sessions with Kevin; he has asked good questions and is wide open to learn.  He has visited The Wilds as recently as this past spring.  He had several of his Board members with him in order to get them familiar with the philosophy he wants to have.  He has a very important meeting this afternoon with the government official who will be presenting to the appropriate department his preliminary application for approval of the use of the property.  This lady is positive in her approval of what they want to do here.  This property was a Nazi children’s camp for 8-10 year olds teaching them the Nazi propaganda and how to shoot weapons.  After the war, it became the staging area for people who were seeking asylum from the European and Asian countries.  They had upwards of 600 people here at a time.  The facility was closed for 5 years during which the property was ravaged by pillagers.  There is much work for them to accomplish in renovating several buildings, but they are making progress.  His family of 7 children and a BJU graduate are working very hard this summer on this.

Our emphasis has been on governance, promotion, fundraising, activities, and present and future use of the property.  Kevin wants to have camp here next summer.  That will be a monumental task.  He will also direct 4 weeks of camp in Spain this year as he usually does.

I am doing fine physically, for which I praise the Lord.  Thanks for your prayers and support.  Tomorrow, Saturday we go to Tubingen to meet with some of the Board members and for church Sunday morning, where I will preach.  Monday, we travel to Heidelberg to visit the remainder of the Board members, followed by the trip to the airport and home beginning early Tuesday morning.

Report by Doc Hay

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