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We just finished an abbreviated staff training time, and we were able to cover the pertinent material, but we are not sure how much was absorbed.  We have two mature male counselors who are a delight to be around.  We have three MK’s who are great, along with two mature girls from Northland.  There is only one staff member who returned from last year, and she has been sick the whole week.  Please pray for the other girls, as they are quite young physically and spiritually.

The Elim Castle, built in the 1550’s, is a neat place to conduct a camp.  The landscape lends itself to space for activities, and the food is outstanding. The property is owned by Christians, and they are very accommodating to our requests.   Chris is doing a great job in the program department and he will be a blessing as he starts the Joseph study in the morning.  Mariola’s unsaved niece is here, and she has asked for a Bible and is reading selected passages in it.  We are trusting God for her conversion.  Diane had a session with the girls today (Sunday) on modesty, and some of the girls were having a difficult time accepting the Biblical principles taught.  She will be speaking to the female campers twice this week in camp, and she will appreciate your prayers.  The translator had a very difficult time during today’s session.

Pray for Kris Kolt, as he is doing all the translation work for Chris and me.  I will be speaking six times during the week and also will appreciate your prayers. I learned today that of 30 campers, only a handful of them are saved. We have a wonderful opportunity here, and we are relying on God to allow us to see spiritual fruit reaped.

Today is the last day of camp.  The campers have participated well, they sing well, but they are not openly responsive to declaring Christ as their Savior.  We are constantly reminding the counselors to meet with them one-by-one and bring them to a point of decision.  Chris Lynch, as well as Kris and Mariola Kolt are really doing well and working very hard.  The group from 1st Baptist Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan has been a great help as staff, prayer partners, craft shop directors, and program staff. They have provided a special music number every night for the services.

We appreciated your prayers as we completed our CampsAbroad program in Poland.  Other than the distraction of a bat flying into the building just as I was ready to give the invitation, God did a mighty work in several of the believing camper’s lives on Friday night.  In our Saturday morning testimony time their testimonies reflected some spiritual growth.  We did not have any open salvation decisions, but the gospel was clearly presented over and over to them.  We pray many will trust Christ as they are followed up by the pastors of the churches.

Camp Director, Kris Kolt and his wife are doing a great job, and they will need our prayers as they plan next year’s camping program.  Chris Lynch did a yeoman’s job directing our program, and we appreciate Cornerstone Baptist Church in Greenville, SC letting him join us for that week.

Report by Dr. Ken Hay

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