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Last night, Tim, Rachel and I sat with our hosts in a rustic restaurant, complete with authentic Polish food, boisterous polka music, and a wood fire burning in the hearth. Cold rain splattered down outside, but the fellowship inside was warm. We had just arrived in the mountain village of Zakopane, located on the southern border of the country, in the region that is home to “the Polish Rockies”. The glimpses we’ve seen through overcast skies and rain have been impressive, with some of the peaks rising 2,500 meters. Even though we were tired from the long trip, we listened with riveted attention to Kris and Mariola recount what God had done in their lives to bring them both back to their home country as missionaries. Fleeing the Communist crackdowns in the 80’s, taking refuge in Austria, immigrating to Canada, meeting and getting married, coming to Christ, responding to a call to missions, training at a Bible college in the US and finally returning to Poland to establish a church, two Christian schools and…a camp. God works in wonderful ways!

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On-site Updates
June 29, 2021
Matt, Tim and Rachel are headed to Poland this week! Keep them in your prayers that there would be no delays or hiccups in all the travel before camp so they are able to fit in as much teaching and training as possible. Stay tuned for updates throughout the trip! #CAPoland21
July 2, 2021
Matt, Tim and Rachel have made it safely to Poland and have already begun staff training with the camp counselors and staff! Matt and Kelly helped launch this camp in Poland 10 years ago and it’s amazing to see how God has worked through this ministry over the past decade. #CAPoland21
July 3, 2021
Sights around the beautiful town of Zakopane… Now we just need campers to enjoy it with us - arriving tomorrow afternoon! #capoland21
July 7, 2021
Camp is in full swing! God has answered prayer by holding off much of the predicted rain so the campers can enjoy the activities. Please continue to pray for the success of this camp and God’s work in the lives of these kids. #CAPoland21
July 11, 2021
Camp in Poland has come to a close and we are so thankful for what God did this past week! During the week, everyone went on a 6-mile hike through a valley in the Tatras Mountains. God’s creation is truly stunning, and we were in awe the entire time. As we finished the hike, there was a shepherd leading his flock of sheep through green pastures, caring for them and guiding them. As we return home, we are overwhelmed by the love of the Good Shepherd who sought us out and rescued us. And we praise him for the privilege to share the hope of God’s love with this group of 32 this week and see a few precious lambs enter the safety of our Shepherd’s fold. #CAPoland21

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