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CampsAbroad Involvement

In July 2011 the CampsAbroad team led by Dr. Ken Hay and Dan Brooks traveled to Jacmel, Haiti, to assist in establishing their first camp. Tom and Sarah Bennett of Mission For Haiti, Inc., played a vital role in coordinating many of the details with the local pastors.

Camp Reports / Testimonies

Highlights from 2011

My 4-hour drive over the mountain in a truck allowed me to see Haiti at its finest. The tent cities (from the earthquake) are still being used. There is a lot of construction, the roads are very rough, and things are a mess. We drove over many places where the earthquake had cracked the road and made changes of a foot or so.

Our accommodations are in the pastor’s old house. It is has many bedrooms, electricity, and running water! Luxury! The electricity is available from 2 pm until 4 am., and you definitely notice when the fans go off in the morning.

The CampsAbroad team has been well received by ready learners here in Haiti. The camp staff is so excited to put into practice what they have learned.

Besides teaching and preaching, Dr. Hay has spent a majority of the time discussing the philosophy of ministry to the leadership. He has also helped with the planning of the new property. It is a beautiful piece of property right on the coast. There is much work ahead to get the buildings in place, but there is not much that will need to be done to the land itself. They could be just a few years away from camp on that property.

Since each camper paid about $20 to come to camp, the vast majority are church kids. Camps have always been free in this area so this was a big jump. This year they are holding camp in the elementary school yard of the church, and the area is tight for 70 young people. They are a very competitive people, making the games interesting.

It has been exciting to see the Lord work. A wealthy man in the main church required his three teens to attend. At first they had terrible attitudes, but now they have the best attitudes. They love camp! Since they speak a little English I have been able to ask them some tough questions. It is obvious the Lord is working in their hearts. Four young people have made professions of faith. One was a young man whom Salomon (the camp director) had been very instrumental in getting to camp. When Salomon called the boy’s uncle (who had paid his way) to tell him the good news, he began to weep. They both were praising the Lord!

We have had our challenges. The heat has been draining. The kids only are willing to be in the sun for short periods of time so we have been playing shorter versions of games. To give a change of pace we took the girls to the future camp property. They were going to just wade in the ocean and play some games, but unfortunately the hurricanes made the camp beach unsafe for swimming. The girls started walking, and they ended up at a beautiful beach no one on staff knew about. Well, it was not long before all the girls were swimming. It was a great distraction. They boys went today and enjoyed it just as much. Friday night we will finish with a service and testimony time.

– Report by Dan Brooks

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