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It is always good to return to ministries to rekindle friendships with those in a common cause! What a fun reunion – with adults and teens who love camp and see how beneficial it is to their local churches. Barrels, rebar, tubes and PVC pipe do not fit well in luggage, so off to the market we went. We found these game props quiet easily, as well as some last minute things they had to pick up. The last few evenings were filled with training with the counselors and some other adults helping to make camp work. Saturday was reserved for training from 9 am to 8 pm.

The Wilds Camp Apprenticeship program lets their second-year crew go on CampsAbroad trips. We have two young men with us: Jessie Moore and Jordan Corriveau. They have been a blessing as they have prepped equipment, taught several games and taught in children’s church today. We are ready for camp to start on Monday! This will be the largest camp Inglesia Bautista Belén has ever hosted – expecting 65 campers. The vast majority of campers are consistent in attending church. The leadership is burdened for a few campers they know are unsaved and others that have dropped off in their church attendance.

Report by Dan Brooks

After much organization by the group of missionaries based in Danli, every aspect of camp came together and we were privileged to see God’s Word break through the barriers of hard hearts. While setting up for a game I mentioned to Jessie how smoothly the camp was going. Within 10 minutes, we noticed the power was out and we would not be able to play the music that is critical for a game called Tag A Lot. We changed the schedule just a little and headed outside to set up Tic Tac Challenge. While trying to figure out how to make the big Tic Tac Toe board needed for the game, we found out there was a white board in storage. All during the game I was praying the power would return before we had to figure out how to do Funtime in the dark. As the game ended with the last rays of the sun hitting the darkening sky the power came on! Tag A Lot was played the next afternoon.

A note from Keren Burdick, one of the missionaries who has been instrumental in the last two years of camp mentions the following:

We rejoice in these decisions: 10 salvations, 7 surrendering to full time service and many choosing to break down the worldly strongholds in their lives.

“My decision was something very important because I decided to accept the Lord as Savior of my life and my heart. And I give thanks to God for touching my heart.” – Dayan, 16 years old

Our speaker for the week, LeRoy Royston, came to The Wilds on his Senior Trip a few years ago. He is a missionary with his lovely family in northern Honduras where he is planning to start a camp. As the speaker for the last two years he is excited to invite CampsAbroad to his neck of the woods soon. Yesterday, we looked at his property which is completely level ground but surrounded by mountains. I look forward to writing a report about his camp in a few years!

Report by Dan Brooks

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