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Camp History

Bill and Susan Kieffer have been missionaries with GFA in Brazil for 29 years, mainly involved in church planting for most of that time. Several years ago, the Lord gave Bill a burden to do something more to assist the churches already established in the area of Catalao. He purchased property out in the country and began building facilities for Hope Ranch with the intention of opening up a camp for wide usage among the churches.

CampsAbroad Involvement

In 2006, a CampsAbroad team consisting of Dr. and Mrs. Ken Hay, Tim Meals, Doug Gorsline and Joe Anderson traveled to Hope Ranch to help launch the first official teen camp. Tim Meals and Doug Gorsline returned in 2007 to continue the training of a new program director. Doug’s wife Sonja and son Nathanael were a part of this return team as well.

Camp Reports / Testimonies

Highlights from 2006

We know of approximately five young people who trusted Christ or received assurance of salvation and several others who made good decisions. We learned subsequently that three young people were saved through the testimonies of the staff and campers in John Garland’s church. The last Sunday, we were in the two churches (one in the morning and one in the evening) that Bill planted. Doug and Joe gave their testimonies, Diane spoke to the ladies in Sunday school, Tim spoke to the men in Sunday school, and I preached in the services. The camper and staff testimonies brought tears to my eyes. They were great! When we arrived in Brasilia to catch our flight to Sao Paulo, there were twelve young people from John Garland’s church waiting to see us off. These kids cheered when they saw us and gave us Brasilian sodas to take home. We had good fellowship there with them, prayed with them, and had some fun with them.

– Report by Dr. Ken Hay

From 2007

Praise the Lord for two great weeks at Hope Ranch. There were three young people that asked the Lord to be their Savior and six that surrendered to prepare for fulltime Christian service. Many other decisions were made during the two weeks as we observed the counselors talking and praying with the campers during the day. The Camps Abroad personnel … were greatly used by the Lord as they ministered at Hope Ranch. They worked tirelessly at everything from normal cleaning [and] maintenance to preaching and teaching.

– Report by Bill Kieffer, missionary to Brazil

It rained every day, yet we did not miss one activity nor were any of the services affected. The campers had a great time. They were cheering from the start and never stopped. The rain did bring one adventure, however. On Wednesday night the service had ended and everyone was about ready to leave to go back to the dormitory. It began to pour so hard that we all waited at the pavilion until it let up. That ended being quite a while! The water filled the pavilion up. Everybody jumped in and made the best of the situation. Some were pushing water out, others singing songs, some standing on benches. It was a memory maker. We were all talking about making t-shirts saying “I survived the flood of 2007.”

– Report by Tim Meals

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