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This camp, at the northern gateway to Patagonia, took place on an island surrounded by a cold-water shellfishery. Mussels and other intriguing creatures “on the half shell” were staples in the diet of the campers for the week!

This camp property is owned by the local churches. It is simple and has been used for family camps for many years. After one of the local pastors was exposed to CampsAbroad in Peru ten years ago, he knew that he wanted a similar camp philosophy and approach by his local camp.

Including staff, 150 people were on the camp property. The teens were loud before the games, during the games, and after the games! They were enthusiastic participants in all of the activities. This enthusiasm carried over to the study about Daniel during God and I Time. The counselors repeatedly shared that they had many opportunities to have deep spiritual conversations with their campers.

As camp was wrapping up, Pastor Juan stated that he wanted to focus the camp on more strategic discipleship. His hope is that future camps could make necessary changes to ensure they could get the best opportunity for discipleship from the camp week.

Pray for Camp Puluqui! The impact of the amp is already significant, and the potential is great. With God, we know there are no limits to what can be accomplished there. 

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