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The initial plan for this trip was to do an abbreviated counselor training for Pastor Claros and his
counselors, but after a few conversations, Pastor Claros decided to host a small January camp. The initial
plan was for 40 campers, but the camp continued to grow to over 70 campers!

Camp took place high in the mountains a few hundred yards away from the Honduran border. Without
much flat space for games, the campers made a stop in a small local village to play a game of Big Ball
before they arrived at the camp site. Upon arrival at the camp site, the teens helped set up their tents.
Most of the activities took place in their small auditorium, since it is the only flat area on the campsite.

This short camp yielded eternal rewards. Three made professions of faith, and others asked God for help
and forgiveness with deep-rooted sins. The Bible study and camp schedule was enjoyed by both
campers and camp staff.

As camp drew to a close, Pastor Claros admitted that he did not know what to expect when he reached
out to CampsAbroad, but he knew he needed help. The results of this camp exceeded his expectations.
Plans are already being made for next year’s camp. The teens are excited, and work is happening to
flatten out more space for activities at the camp property.

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