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On this return visit to Nicaragua, the team was thankful to experience an uneventful border crossing after a difficult crossing last year. The Lord had answered prayer before camp even began!

The 2 days of counselor training were productive. Most of the counselors were returning from last year, and they listened well and took notes throughout the training. Angelo, the director, is a local pastor with a big heart for camp. It is a joy to serve with Angelo and watch him teach. He relates well with the counselors, and the young people enjoy his leadership.

The week of camp was full of intense competition, enthusiastic singing, and wonderful people. Lodging was a bit tight for the 84 campers that arrived, but with some adjustments they made it work really well. Some of the more reserved campers, became very engaged in the activities by the end of the week. The team saw the counselors improve in their role of finding opportunities to talk with their campers about the gospel and the things of the Lord. The Lord blessed their efforts, and a number of campers came to know the Lord throughout the week.

In a wrap-up conversation a local pastor spoke up. “One question: How do we, as pastors, continue in our churches what we have seen at this camp?” He was encouraged by the relational discipleship he saw at the camp and wants to build that spirit in his church.

Pray for this group of believers. Their next camp will be held without CampsAbroad assistance. Angel will be taking the main role of leadership, and the team is excited to continue the work of Christian camping.

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