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CampsAbroad Involvement

In January 2007, CampsAbroad sent the team of Matt Collier, Andy Dalporto, Dan Brooks, and his son Eric Brooks to assist the Jon Griffin family in Asuncion, Paraguay, with Camp Cabaju. Since that time, the Griffins have continued to be involved in touching the lives of many young people through Christian camping. To find out more, visit their website at

Camp Reports / Testimonies

We had a very effective weekend of ministry, praise the Lord. In fact, Dan and Eric’s youth activity resulted in 7 more campers coming to camp from a church that had not attended for several years.

When Monday rolled around, we had campers arriving at 9:00 am. Not that we did anything with them that early, but by lunch most of the 63 kids had arrived. Surprisingly, spirit has been up from the start, and they have jumped into the games and the cheering with great gusto. They absolutely loved Bigball—a classic no matter where you play it. The Lord sent us the exact right number—more would have been overwhelming for our 7 trained counselors.

Last night as the song service was coming to a close, a rather large bat came into the building. Something messed up his radar, because he kept flying into the roof and the walls. Finally, he hit one too many times and fell down to the floor right behind the pulpit. We looked at each other and then Andy went to the room, got a couple of gloves, walked calmly up to the front, pinned the dazed bat down, and walked outside. It was definitely a vampire bat—ugly as sin and very long fangs. They suck blood from sleeping humans when they get a chance—usually going for toes.

Not much else exciting has happened. Temperatures have hit around 108⁰F several times. We’ve had some run-ins with Pique bugs (which like to burrow into your feet) and some problems with power, but nothing abnormal.

Thanks so much for your prayers. On Wednesday, several campers trusted Christ, and a few more on Thursday. This was after hitting a real wall on Tuesday, so the Lord has gradually been plowing up hard hearts.

The Lord really allowed the weather to cooperate with the camp schedule. We did not have to cancel one outside activity, even though it rained quite a bit. Friday night, a huge storm—high winds and heavy rain—blew in. Lightning struck a tree about 100 feet from the main camp building and shook the whole place. All the campers were already inside, and we decided to proceed with the service. Shortly after that, the power went out and chaos ensued. After waiting a while, we lit a campfire in the fireplace at the back of the building, had the kids turn their chairs around, and I proceeded to preach by firelight from Philippians 1:21.

Our meeting with Bro. Jon about the big picture of camp went well. There is hope for the future here. All in all, the camp went very smoothly.

– Report by Matt Collier

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