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Missionary Profile

Tim Chapman is no stranger to camping ministry, having spent many summers on program staff at Northland Baptist Camp in Wisconsin. He has devoted his life to strengthening pastors and churches in Peru, and sees camping as playing a major role in his mission.

CampsAbroad Involvement

In February 2009, CampsAbroad sent the team of Matt Collier and Steve Stodola to lead a weekend training session and assist with a week of camp near Lima. The next year, in February 2010, CampsAbroad sent another team of Dan Brooks, Matt Collier, and Tim Ludlum to assist in further training in Lima.

From 2009

“One of the key goals of our trip was to help Tim lay a foundation of camping with area pastors and Christian workers from some of the fundamental churches. All that could be scheduled was a short conference running from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, we were pretty rushed on what all to cover. We ended up having around 50 folks attend. There were several pastors from the jungle area of Peru (Sulano), several from a mountain area (Kusko), and several others from Chile. But most were from churches in the Lima area.

During the conference, we spent much more time than normal on philosophy of camp ministry, trying to define our vision of what a biblical camp looks like and then practically spelling it out for Lima, Peru. Praise the Lord the vision was received enthusiastically. Now we have the opportunity to demonstrate it with a week of camp for older teens and young adults. There is a lot riding on this week of camp.

After the dust settled from registration, we ended with around 130 campers (quite a bit more than the 60 they had the previous year.) The campers who attended were mostly saved kids from some local churches around the Lima area. They had a great time and there were some good spiritual decisions (although we would have liked to have seen more responses). Most of all, the camp demonstrated the benefits of having a biblical philosophy of ministry and acting on it. They are already excited about next year and we are praying that their excitement will generate more interest! On Friday afternoon after returning to Lima, Steve, Tim, and I met at a Starbucks and talked about a five-year plan and long-range goals for camping in that area of Peru. There is great potential as there are over 150 fundamental churches in Lima alone! We will see how God directs.”

~ Report by Matt Collier

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