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About seven years ago the Lord miraculously directed Lucho Agudelo to assist a group of 26 small pueblos (villages) in recovering from a disastrous earthquake that had shaken much of Venezuela. He has continued to make the six-hour trip almost every weekend for the past six years and gradually, out of that disaster God raised a small village church and then a beautiful little camp. Our most recent CampsAbroad trip was a great delight because of the people we were cooperating with—we learned much from the example of Lucho and Tim and Pam Darling, a missionary couple serving there. In typical fashion, we began with a weeklong camp training, but this time with the added advantage of counting it for credit in the Bible institute in Puerto Ordaz. There was better than average attendance and the training was well received. During the following two weeks of camp, an equal number of church young people and unsaved street teens attended. Once again the Lord steadily drew many to Himself during both weeks of camp.

What a change as the week progressed! Out of the 35 or so that were converted, we know of several teens who came from a strong Catholic background. Lucho, Tim Darling, and I spent many hours together discussing ways to make Camp Blanco Lugar stronger and more effective for the Lord. Much has already been accomplished in the past three years, but this is just the beginning!

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